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This book provides an insight into life in Foulness and Rotherhithe in the 1800s and of South Woodham Ferrers in the early 1900s - long before the New Town. It does so through the lives of eight families, notably the Crix and Deavin families, spread over four generations.
Eight Families
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Three things, really. 1) A family and local history book, Eight Families 2) Coping with cancer and my experience of it in Not Just Another Birthday,  3) Some of my photographs. See below for more about each of these.
So what’s this website about then?
I know I am not the first person to recover from cancer, even from a very serious one. And I am by no means the first person to write about it. This book is not about how I beat cancer, it’s about how I coped with it mentally and might be useful to others going through a similar experience.
Not Just Another Birthday
More about Not Just Another Birthday
I make pictures the way I like them but it is always nice to discover that others like some of them too. After all, whether you like a picture is a very personal judgement. Anyway, you are welcome to take a look at some of mine which you will find arranged in several galleries. Click below to take a look.
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